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Research and Practice in Veterinary Medicine

VMF 100

Conference ‘’Research and Practice in Veterinary Medicine"

at The Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Date: November 21-23, 2019

To be held at the Latvian University of Agriculture, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine K., Helmana St. 8, Jelgava, Latvia



Conference AGENDA (November 21 - workshops (LV) and EAEVE region 6 meeting) (November 22) (November 23)

VETinfo 2019:  trade show November 23, 2019 where participants will receive information about the products in the veterinary market in Latvia.

The conference goals:

  • to facilitate cooperation between veterinary research facilities and veterinary  practices
  • to stimulate new ideas, insights and inspiration
  • to share veterinary products and concepts

Participants: about 500 practicing veterinarians, scientists and state authority veterinarians from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Lecturers: professors, scientists, and practicing vets from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and more